Cost: $144.6 million

The notice of award was issued in December 2008 for this $144.6 million project consisting of six lined drop shafts with inside diameters ranging from 7-ft, 2-in. to 15 ft and varying in depth from 227 to 250 ft; a vent shaft; six connecting structures; three backflow gate structures; entrance conduit structures; manholes; replacement gates; the addition of 25 existing louvers at 25 existing drop shafts and 14,740 linear ft of 15-ft inside diameter lined rock tunnel.

39th Street Conduit Rehabilitation, Chicago
Photo: Courtesy Of Kenny Construction Co.
39th Street Conduit Rehabilitation, Chicago

When crews mobilized at the site they began fabricating the caisson shoe for the main shaft overburden. Shafting began in mid-May.

The project is located in Chicago along 39th Street from the Illinois Central Railroad to the Racine Avenue Pumping Station.

In addition, the work will be performed within an existing control structure located at Wentworth Avenue and 125th Street and at 25 drop shaft locations in the Chicago area.

Key Facts

Start/Completion: January 2009/Late 2013

Owner: City of Chicago

Contractor: Kenny Construction Co., Northbrook, Ill.

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