The renovation of Downtown St. Louis’ historic Railton Residence has been named one of 2010’s “Most Enhanced” buildings by the Landmarks Association of St. Louis.

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The project was led by Paric Corp. of St. Louis as general contractor.

The $14 million project included a total rehabilitation of the 87,665-sq-ft structure, formerly the Robert E. Lee Hotel and now owned and operated by the Salvation Army.

The 220 existing guest rooms were renovated into 104 separate apartments, each with its own kitchen and living space, as well as a computer center, fitness center and commons area. The brick masonry exterior was cleaned and tuck pointed, and the two existing elevators were refurbished. The iconic Salvation Army sign was also refurbished with new neon lights.

The revitalized Railton Residence is now serving as a much-needed affordable workforce housing option for the downtown population.

Teaming with Paric on the project were The Salvation Army Services Inc.; Railton Management LLC; St. Louis Equity Fund; National City Bank/PNC; the Community Program Development Corp. and McCormack Baron Ragan Inc. Trivers Associates is the architect.

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