The Green Building Initiative (GBI), one of the nation’s green-building organizations and exclusive provider of Green Globes green-building certification in the United States, now offers two new personnel-certification programs for green building practitioners.

The certifications, Green Globes Professional (GGP) and Green Globes Assessor (GGA), will help expand knowledge about sustainable building best practices and extend the reach of the Green Building Initiative as it responds to ever growing demand for the Green Globes certification.

The GGP designation will expand the number of green-building experts trained in the use of the Green Globes rating system. The GGA credential is the only formal training program for qualified green-building assessors that is open to the public.

All candidates who meet the minimum requirements will be accepted into the GGP program, but only a limited number of GGA applicants will be accepted, as GGA professionals will become part of the GBI’s nationwide network of paid third-party assessors for Green Globes certification.

Successful GGA applicants will be chosen based on professional background, geographic location, areas of expertise and other factors determined by the GBI.

Training and testing for both programs will be online.

Qualified GGP candidates will have at least five years’ experience in the building industry and some familiarity with current sustainability practices. A background as an architect, engineer, builder, contractor or green building consultant as well as a strong interest in green building practices is preferred

The GGA certification will signify the only professionals who are designated by the GBI to perform third-party certifications of buildings that have been evaluated using the Green Globes rating system.

Candidates for the GGA program must meet strict requirement that include: at least 10 years of total industry experience as an architect, engineer, facilities manager, or a closely related field; at least 5 years of specific functional experience directly related to design, engineering, construction and/or facilities management of commercial buildings; a degree in architecture, engineering, or other relevant technical and/or environmental education program; prior knowledge of green building and/or management practices, environmental issues, and sustainability, and demonstrated experience using sustainable building practices, including documented involvement in three or more building projects where sustainable improvements were applied.

Individuals interested in either the GGP or GGA program should visit for more information.