The new Watha T. Daniel/Shaw Library is one in a series of new libraries in Washington, all part of the District of Columbia Public Library’s Building Program. Located in the Shaw neighborhood, the new $12-million, 22,800-sq-ft library is three stories, with one below grade.

Watha T. Daniel/Shaw Library, Washington, D.C.
Photo Courtesy Forrester Construction Co.

The new facility exists on the site of the former library structure, which was demolished to accommodate the new structure. The new building foundation was designed based on the previous building’s geometric shape and form.

Due to problems with the demolition of the original foundation, Forrester Construction had to develop a new earthwork plan to maintain the project schedule.

During construction, unanticipated additional project funding allowed a change from a standard EDPM roof to a LEED-rated green roof.

The design and construction team continued work while redesigning and building a new steel structure and roof to accommodate the alteration in scope.

The project was completed with zero lost-time accidents.

Key Players

Owner: District of Columbia Public Library
Contractor: Forrester Construction
Architects: Davis Brody Bond Aedas
Engineers: Delon Hampton, JVP Engineers, Professional Consulting Corp.