Award of Merit - Transportation

Photo courtesy Suffolk Construction Co.

The $9.6-million, six-story, 743-space, 287,040-sq-ft Palm Avenue Parking Garage includes 11,200 sq ft of first-floor retail space and features a solar carport, electric-car charging stations, a high first floor for maximum daylighting and rainwater harvesting. Furthermore, an underground retention vault and cistern store and treat stormwater runoff. The project is seeking LEED-Gold certification.

To attain a signature look for the city project, the architect delivered three alternative designs for the original concept within a three-week period and then sought public input.

Key Players

Owner:City of Sarasota, Fla.
Contractor: Suffolk Construction Co., West Palm Beach, Fla.
Architect: Jonathan Parks Architect, Sarasota
Civil Engineer: Kimley-Horn & Assoc., Sarasota
Structural Engineer: Walter P. Moore & Associates, Tampa
MEP Engineer: TLC Engineering for Architecture, Fort Myers, Fla.
Submitted by: Suffolk Construction Co.