A lack of inspections and improper erection—including double-tee beams that lacked welds and columns that were not grouted—were factors in the Oct. 10 collapse of a parking garage under construction at Miami Dade College in Doral, Fla., that killed four workers, according to citations issued April 8 by the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Photo by Robert Hernandez, courtesy Miami-Dade Fire Rescue
The Oct. 10 collapse of a portion of a parking garage under construction at Miami Dade College killed four workers.

In all, OSHA issued citations for six "serious" violations against five firms involved with the project, with proposed fines totaling $38,360.

The agency cited Midway, Fla.-based general contractor Ajax Building Corp. for "not ensuring the parking garage structure was inspected and erected in accordance with (specifications)," and proposed a fine of $6,300.

OSHA hit Coreslab Structures, and its subsidiary, Solar Erectors, both of Medley, Fla., with a total of three citations and proposed fines of $20,860.

Solar Erectors was cited for two OSHA violations: for "not performing all the required welds and ensuring all the columns were properly grouted;" and for "columns not being braced in the north-south direction." Each violation carried a proposed penalty of $6,930.

Coreslab, which provided the precast concrete and designed the precast structure, was cited for not ensuring proper erection, and faces a potential fine of $7,000.

Florida Lemark Corp., Doral, the project’s grouting contractor, failed to perform "grouting of columns B-3 and A-3.3," according to OSHA, which proposed a fine of $6,300.

Additionally, OSHA’s citation against MEP Structural Engineering & Inspections, Coconut Creek, Fla., stated that the firm "failed to conduct inspections of 18 columns" and proposed a $4,900 fine.

When contacted by ENR, all five firms declined to comment.

The Oct. 10 progressive collapse killed four workers: Robert Budhoo, 53; Jose Calderon, 60; Carlos Hurtado de Mendoza, 48; and Samuel Perez, 53. Various lawyers collectively representing the deceased workers are pursuing wrongful death lawsuits against numerous firms involved with the project.