Award of Merit: Residential/Hospitality

In the wake of Superstorm Sandy, New York City issued a rapid-response RFI for emergency repairs to storm victims' homes that was focused on getting power, heat and hot water working safely. The RFI had a four-day turnaround with selections made on the due date. The day after selection, this general contractor had 200 management staff and field laborers deployed to areas needing assistance in the Rockaways, Howard Beach and other adjacent shore communities.

The team was assigned 100 to 150 addresses on the first evening and dispatched workers to these homes the next morning. To expedite the process, the team identified specific blocks in affected neighborhoods and developed a schedule for working in those designated areas. The team would then replace the boilers, hot water heaters, electrical panels, electrical service, interior wiring and receptacles.

There were numerous hurdles that required a tremendous amount of coordination and documentation, including setting up homeowner appointments; assessing the homes for damage; ordering and tracking materials; installing materials; and verifying that all items were completed correctly and properly reported.

The team completed all repairs on a specific block in four or five days. Within 75 days, the team completed a total of 3,480 buildings, which included 4,626 residential units.

New York City Rapid Repairs Program, New York

Key Players

Owner New York City Dept. of Environmental Protection

General Contractor Tutor Perini Building Corp.

Civil Construction Tutor Perini Civil Construction

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