New York Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo today unveiled a $132.5-billion budget plan that includes $1.3 billion in state investment aimed at spurring $25 billion in investments from other sources to launch or accelerate major infrastructure projects and create jobs.

The governor's budget for fiscal year beginning April 1, 2012 would continue to support programs including the Environmental Protection Fund, which would be maintained at $134 million. The budget plan includes $102 million in new funding for the Department of Environmental Conservation to advance flood control, coastal erosion and critical dam safety projects, as well as $94 million for capital rehabilitation and improvements to 48 state parks, historic sites, and the ski facilities operated by the Olympic Regional Development Authority.

Some $1.16 billion in the New York Works state and federal capital funds would go toward helping improve the transportation system. A total of $4.5 billion would be provided to the Department of Transportation for projects including highways, bridges, rail, aviation, non-Metropolitan Transportation Authority transit, and DOT facilities. Funding for local highway and bridge projects would be provided under the Consolidated Highway Improvement Program, which would maintain a budget of $402.8 million. The MTA’s capital program would receive $770 million over a multi-year period to help support the MTA’s $22.2 billion 2010-14 program.

"The governor has demonstrated yet again that he clearly understands that investing in infrastructure creates jobs and grows our economy," says Mike Elmendorf, president and CEO of the Associated General Contractors of New York State. "On behalf of the firms across the state that construct our transportation, building, and environmental infrastructure, we stand ready to work with Governor Cuomo to rebuild New York now."