The Cement League and Concrete Workers locals 6A, 18A and 20 met August 2 for discussions following a worker strike that began Monday, three days after their contract expired, says Louis Coletti, president of Building Trades Employers’ Association.
The union’s contract expired June 30 but was extended until July 29. Coletti says that workers on certain unspecified jobs have returned to work but that others remain on strike. He did not provide further details.
The union refused to comment on the strike, and the Cement League was unavailable for comment at press time.

In other union news, the Operating Engineers’ June 30 tentative agreement with BCA, CAGNY and the Cement League was ratified on July 14, Coletti says. The Glaziers Local 1281 reached an agreement with the Window and Plate Glass Dealers back in April but was only recently announced, overshadowed in part by the potential Operating Engineers strike.

The District Council of Carpenters and contractors associations have agreed to extend their negotiations through August 5, according to Matthew Walker, director of operations for the New York District Council of Carpenters.

"We are hopeful of coming to a contract resolution this week so that our members can look to the future with greaters confidence," says Walker.

Teamsters Local 282, which reached a four-year deal with the demolition contractors on June 20, ratified its contract on July 12, says a union spokesperson.