39, Vice President

Thornton Tomasetti


With degrees in both architecture and building science, Edward M. Peck specializes in innovative and sustainable building skins, including those for hospitals and performing-arts facilities. Among his more notable achievements: a sculpted glass podium enclosure for the Federation of Korean Industries Headquarters Building in Seoul, South Korea, and an ETFE (ethylene tetrafluoroethylene) facade and roof structure for VTB Arena Park, home to the Fédération Internationale de Football Association's (FIFA) 2018 World Cup in Moscow.


Deanne Ross

Her affinity for aviation helped her fledgling business take flight

39, President

NGC Corp.


In 2004 Deanne Ross purchased a controlling interest in a small engineering firm named New Generating Consulting. Under her leadership, NGC Corp., as it has come to be known, has evolved from a firm with three clients to one that serves nearly 25% of Indiana's airports, in addition to aviation facilities in Virginia and Kentucky. Despite the nation's economic downturn, firm revenues have more than quadrupled in the past eight years. Ross, a civil engineer, works with employees to ensure each is capable of performing the many services her firm provides.


Tim Sylvester

His factory-built pavement is driving a career in transportation

31, Founder

Integrated Roadways

Kansas City, Mo.

In 1997 at age 15, Tim Sylvester developed a factory-built pavement system that later laid the groundwork for Integrated Roadways. Flash forward: The firm recently completed its first product installation on Interstate 35 for Kansas Dept. of Transportation and has additional projects under way. Sylvester is developing models that would make it easier for private investors to fund public projects.


Brett Szabo

His pioneering uses of concrete have cemented a solid reputation

39, Project Executive-Concrete

James McHugh Construction


As senior project manager for the 92-story Trump International Hotel and Tower Chicago, one of the tallest reinforced concrete buildings in the world, Brett Szabo supervised placement of more than 180,000 cu yd of concrete over a period of just three years. He also oversaw installation of a concrete core for the 50-story Hyatt Center, the first Chicago building to incorporate terrorism-resistant concrete blast walls. Szabo is a member of the American Concrete Institute and serves on its tolerances committee.


Robert Webber

He is committing colleagues to take the Living Building Challenge

37, Associate

Valerio Dewalt Train Associates


In addition to his day-to-day duties as a senior project manager, Robert Webber works with project teams as director of Valerio Dewalt Train Associates' sustainability practice. Webber also manages buildGREENorride, an in-house sustainability group that engages in energy modeling and researches building products and materials for compliance with the Living Building Challenge (LBC), whose sustainable rating system is more stringent than LEED's. His findings prompted Webber to co-found the LBC Collaborative of Chicago, a local chapter comprising architects, engineers, building owners, suppliers and members of city building departments, all dedicated to promoting community support for the rating program. He recently organized the Wrigley Field Triangle Site LBC Design Competition, a public event demonstrating the ways in which "living" buildings could be constructed in Chicago. n