The rehabilitation of historic Union Station's 9,500-sq-ft Grand Hall and Market called for restoration of cornices and terrazzo floors, the addition of a 90-ft bar, coffee shop and train display, and installation of a projection system to support one of North America's largest multimedia shows.

Photo Courtesy of Tom Paule Photography
The newly renovated Union Station Grand Hall and Market in St. Louis accommodates one of North America's largest multimedia shows.

A central computer coordinates lighting and motorized interior shades and exterior shutters with the show's projection system, transforming the ceiling into a 50-ft-high arched screen.

Crews installed shutters, shades and other components while preserving the original character of Union's facade and stained-glass windows. Work was performed in an active hotel that was allowing full admittance to other spaces and maintaining accessibility of walkways serving the disabled.

Union Station Grand Hall and Market, St. Louis

Key Players

Owner USH, St. Louis

General Contractor Paric Corp., St. Louis

Designer Lawrence Group, St. Louis