A resource that provides a greater variety of pre-qualified moment connection options for special moment frames (SMF) and intermediate moment frames (IMF) is now available for designers of steel structures in high seismic regions.

AISC’s Supplement No. 1 to Prequalified Connections for Special and Intermediate Steel Moment Frames for Seismic Applications (ANSI/AISC 358-05s1) is now available for free download at www.aisc.org.

The supplement modifies an existing prequalified moment connection and also adds three new prequalified moment connections. When introduced in 2005, AISC Prequalified Connections covered three connection types: reduced beam section (RBS) moment connections, bolted unstiffened extended end-plate (BUEEP) moment connections, and bolted stiffened extended end-plate (BSEEP) moment connections. At that time, neither of the prequalified extended end-plate moment connections could be used with composite concrete structural slabs in SMF.

Supplement No. 1 adds three more prequalified connection types and eliminates the prohibition of composite slabs for extended end-plate moment connections in SMF. Supplement No. 1 also adds prequalified details for bolted flange plate (BFP) moment connections, welded unreinforced flange - welded web (WUF-W) moment connections, and Kaiser bolted bracket (KBB) moment connections.

ANSI/AISC 358-05s1, ANSI/AISC 358-05, ANSI/AISC341-05, and ANSI/AISC 360-05 can all be downloaded free from www.aisc.org.