Bradlee Kirsch
Specializes in risk mitigation
37, Preconstruction Project Manager
Sundt Construction Inc.
San Diego

A 13-year employee with Sundt Construction Inc. who began as an intern, Bradlee Kirsch has developed balanced experience in preconstruction and operations. He manages the company's preconstruction department for Southern California and is completing preconstruction planning for San Diego International Airport's $232-million Rental Car Center.

Identified as a future leader at Sundt, Kirsch provides collaboration expertise, such as for three joint ventures valued at more than $160 million. Kirsch engineers risk out of projects, has implemented a six-week look-ahead schedule and adopted "2 Second Lean" procedures from Paul Akers' book on lean construction practices. He is also a member of the Sundt Foundation, which focuses on the needs of disadvantaged children and adults, and works with WatchDOGS, a group that helps fathers engage in their children's education.