Photo by Amy Simmons, City of Winchester
Pedestrian Mall Improvements Project, Winchester, Va.

Developed as part of an effort to revitalize downtown Winchester, Va., the $7.5-million pedestrian mall improvement project involved renewing all existing underground public utilities and infrastructure while updating the streetscape to support commercial and residential developments on the mall.

For the utility replacement component of the project, the team had to work within a tight 50-ft-wide corridor, which was congested with underground utilities varying in size from 6-in. to 30-in. conduits.

A condition assessment was done to optimize the extent of the required replacements and to reduce project costs. The site had three existing stormwater sewer pipelines of varying sizes running parallel to each other along the project area.

Comprehensive hydraulic modeling was conducted to determine the replacement options and adequate sizing of the stormwater sewer pipelines. Some sections of the existing stormwater system were kept in place, while other sections were replaced.

In total, crews replaced 1,300 linear ft of 8-in. water line, 1,600 linear ft of 8-in. sanitary sewer, 2,500 linear ft of 24-in. circular and 30-in. by 24-in. storm sewer in historic Old Town Winchester.

Since the entire mall space needed to be excavated to replace the underground utilities, the city of Winchester took the opportunity to also complete an overall streetscape design of the pedestrian mall.

The design included decorative lighting, street pavers, trees and planters, decorative entrance gates, a splash pad water feature and an automated self-cleaning public restroom facility.

The team met the city's goal to reach substantial completion before the start of the Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival.

Landscape/Hardscape/Urban Development: Award of Merit - Pedestrian Mall Improvements Project, Winchester, Va.

Key Players

Owner City of Winchester, Va.

Lead Design Firm Michael Baker Jr.

General Contractor HRI Inc.

Civil Engineer Rinker Design Associates

MEP Engineer PACE Collaborative; Fountain Craft

Engineer Irrigation Research & Design