Joanna Vivanco
Has published numerous papers on environmental research findings
39, Environmental Project Manager, Scientist
ECS Mid-Atlantic, Chantilly, Va.

A native of Venezuela, Vivanco began her environmental consulting career working as an intern for Petróleos de Venezuela S.A., a state-owned corporation that produces, refines, transports and sells petroleum. While still an intern, she began her work as a researcher, eventually publishing her findings on methods of reducing the environmental impacts of the company's refining processes. Now with an master's degree in civil and infrastructure engineering from George Mason University, Vivanco serves as a project manager and field investigator for ECS Mid-Atlantic. She provides in-house training and guidance for new technicians, as well as environmental health and safety training for contractors, workers, supervisors and others who work on projects involving removal of asbestos and lead materials. Vivanco also is a mentor for the International Engineering Program at George Mason University, which sends volunteers to work on water projects in developing countries.



Jeremiah Watts
Uses communication skills to lead staff, educate clients
32, Senior Project Manager
HITT Contracting, Falls Church, Va.

Despite being one of the youngest senior project managers in HITT Contracting's operations group, Watts has developed a reputation within the Washington, D.C., industry community as a top leader of high-end interior construction projects. With clients that include Google, Hilton, AOL, ExxonMobil and Freddie Mac, Watts has achieved an 85% rate for repeat business. But his contributions have extended beyond the project site. As a company manager, Watts makes use of his levelheaded demeanor and outstanding communication skills to lead his eight-person interiors staff, associates say. Additionally, on a corporate level, two of his most important formal roles involve acting as an innovation leader and advocating for inhouse continuing education—which Watts sees as key to both retaining staff and improving client service. He also led a client outreach program aimed at educating firms about best practices related to construction project scheduling.