Photographs and video posted to the Atlanta Falcons' project website show that the radically designed, "convertible" sports facility is starting to come into shape, just over a year after officials broke ground.

Time-lapse video of one year of construction, posted to the Atlanta Falcons Youtube channel.

For now, though, the view from above still much resembles that of any number of recent stadium or arena projects. And while that perspective may remain for the rest of 2015, the dynamic nature of the uniquely designed facility may become more evident by early '16, when the stadium will begin to appear "dramatically different," says the project's richly informative web site.

blog post photo
This aerial photo, taken in late May, shows a near-current status of the New Atlanta Stadium project. The project's website,, also features a live web cam. (Photo courtesy Atlanta Falcons)

That's because, as construction progresses, the supporting structure for the unique, 105,000-sq-ft roof opening, which will slide open like a camera lens.

According to the project's web site, “steel, steel, steel and steel” is the critical path, says Bill Darden, president of Darden & Co., the firm acting as the developer's representative overseeing design and construction. “Everything revolves around the steel; I can’t emphasize that enough."

Definitely looks like something to keep our eye on. Here's one last view, this time a "fly-through" of the completed facility.

Fly-through video posted to the Atlanta Falcons Youtube channel.