Who doesn't like implosion videos? Well, here's one that's a bit different from most such implosion videos you've seen before, in that this one is not actually a building. Instead, it's a 2,000-ft-tall communications tower.

Luke Abaffy, with ENR, recently wrote about the record-setting implosion, which is apparently the tallest tower ever taken down by explosives, according to the folks at Controlled Demolition Inc., the well-known implosion experts based in Phoenix, Md. The company recently took down the tower on a pro-bono basis, as part of an effort to have the event benefit the Green Berets Foundation. In short, the scrap metal from the tower is being sold, with proceeds from the sale going to the foundation. To read more, here is the link again.

The video, as you'll see via the embed below, provides multiple views of the take-down. I thought the first view was pretty good, because it's the first glimpse of an unusual implosion—or at least of a structure type I've never seen imploded before. But be sure to stick around for the second view, which provides a close-up view of the action.

And here it is:

Youtube video posted by TheLoizeauxGroupLLC