My recent blog post regarding the implosion of Orlando's Amway Arena drew some excited responses from a few folks. A fellow Twitter-er who passed along my tweet regarding the Amway implosion seemed to sum up the reaction of most to such videos when he tweeted, "Implosions always cool!"

If you've read the previous post, you know there's a Youtube video of the Amway Arena implosion, along with one of the implosion of Orlando's old City Hall building, which was filmed for inclusion in one of the Lethal Weapon movies.

As you might imagine, if you venture onto Youtube and start searching for implosion videos, you'll quickly find a seemingly never-ending supply. To save you the trouble, I've posted a few of the better ones I was able to find—with one notable exception. The video of the implosion of the Alfred P. Murrah Building in Oklahoma City, the result of the bombing of the building by Timothy McVie, is not one of the best here. But it was certainly one of the biggest news stories ever involving an implosion.

Here you go:

Implosion of newly built condo tower on South Padre Island, Texas, by the experts at Controlled Demolition Inc.

Controlled Demolition's implosion of a NASA rocket tower. Be sure to hang in until about 1:15, for some cool slow-motion.

Implosion of the Frontier Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Or, as the video proclaims, the "Coolest Vegas Implosion EVER!"

Seattle's Kingdome

Alfred P. Murrah Building, Oklahoma City