Next month, ENR Southeast will publish its 11th annual Top Specialty Contractors ranking. The online survey that we use to produce the ranking closed a few days ago, and the initial results are in.

Below, I've listed the region's top 25 specialty-contracting firms from this year's ranking, as they'll appear in next month's magazine. (Actually, the print ranking will have quite a bit more information than is included here.)

As is the case with all of our "Top" lists, the Top Specialty Contractors ranking is based on the regional revenue total that firms reported for the preceding year.

Some Quick AnalysisBased on overall regional revenue reported by this year's survey participants, the Southeast's specialty contractors are continuing to struggle. For example:
  • At its peak, ENR Southeast's Top Specialty Contractors ranking reached a depth of 200 firms (in both 2008 and 2009)...
  • The ranking's highest collective revenue total came from the 2009 ranking -- based on 2008 revenues -- when firms reported roughly $8.5 billion in  Southeast regional income....
  • This year's Top Specialty Contractors ranking will include approximately 110 firms, with collective revenue totaling slightly more than $4.5 billion....
  • Last year's ranking included 150 firms and a collective revenue total of about $5.1 billion....
  • In short, in just two years, the amount of revenue reported by the Southeast's Top Specialty Contractors has plunged by about $4 billion, or roughly 47%....
  • Of the 25 firms listed below, 18 participated in last year's ranking. Of those, eight reported increased regional revenue from a year ago. Those included: MasTec, EMCOR Group, Baker Roofing Co. (this year's "Specialty Contractor of the Year"), Wayne J. Griffin Electric, D.H. Griffin Wrecking Co., Southern Industrial Constructors, Ivey Mechanical Co. and Garney Cos.
Without further adieu, then, here are this year's Top 25 Specialty Contractors. Congratulations to all of them - they obviously deserve it! (All figures are in millions.) 
  1. MasTec $759.9
  2. EMCOR Group $265.7
  3. Quinco Electrical $177.0
  4. Coastal Mechanical Services Group $149.4
  5. SteelFab $148.6
  6. Miller Electric Co. $129.0
  7. Inglett & Stubbs $127.3
  8. Cleveland Electric Co. $125.4
  9. Acousti Eng. Co of Florida $120.0
  10. Precision Walls $119.4
  11. Baker Roofing Co. $117.1
  12. Tri-City Electrical Contractors $101.4
  13. Wayne J. Griffin Electric $94.8
  14. D.H. Griffin Wrecking Co. $88.7
  15. Southern Industrial Constructors $85.9
  16. Gate Precast Co. $69.1
  17. Ivey Mechanical Co. $62.4
  18. CentiMark Corp. $61.0
  19. Tecta America $59.1
  20. Allison-Smith Co.  $55.0
  21. Hypower $53.6
  22. BCH Mechanical $49.8
  23. Garney Cos. $48.6
  24. McGee Brothers Co. $47.0
  25. Brooks-Berry-Haynie & Associates $42.8

Again, ENR Southeast will have additional information about each of the 110 ranked firms in the September magazine, along with analysis and perspective from executives with some of the region's specialty-contracting firms.

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