How's 2011 shaping up from your company's perspective? Do you think your company is poised for growth in 2011? Or are you bracing for more of the same?

Once again, we're trying to take the pulse of our readers, and get a collective take on how the coming construction season will fare. Probably no one knows better than you, after all.

To participate, just click here to vote in our very simple, one-click poll about 2011 Southeast construction activity.

Here's the question and accompanying selections:

What is your prediction for 2011 construction activity in your local region?

Significant increase in new contracts.
Slight increase in new contracts.
Flat or steady.
Slight decrease in new contracts.
Significant decrease in new contracts

Pretty simple, huh? So go ahead and vote!

Also - Feel free to offer your comments below! How's 2011 looking for your company? What are the best - and worst - sector in your local market? Chime in. (First names or initials greatly appreciated with any comments.)

We'll report the results soon. Thanks!