We've been previewing our annual Top Contractors issue recently, including a sneak peek of the main ranking of the Southeast's Top Contractors, as well as one highlighting the busiest GCs and CMs in the state of Florida. (The complete regional and state rankings will be live online soon.) These are all "previews" of lists you'll find in the print pages of our magazine.

Here, though, we're going to provide a ranking of Top Contractors that we've never published before, the Top Carolinas Contractors. Unlike the state-by-state breakouts you'll find in our upcoming print edition, this digital-only ranking is based on firms' combined revenues for both North Carolina and South Carolina. (It's not earth-shattering, but it's at least slightly different.)

A few notes: The top firm here, Balfour Beatty, ranked first for North Carolina, and sixth in the South Carolina ranking. M.B. Kahn Construction Co., which took the top spot in the South Carolina Top Contractors ranking,  and 39th on the North Carolina list, ranks fifth here.

The dollar figures reported here represent each firm's 2009 construction-related revenue from projects located within North Carolina and South Carolina.

1.   Balfour Beatty                              $664.06
2.   Barnhill Contracting Co.                  $522.80
3.   BE&K Building Group                       $463.08
4.   Rodgers Builders Inc.                     $420.53
5.   M. B. Kahn Construction Co. Inc.     $343.34
6.   The Lane Construction Corp.           $218.98
7.   Brasfield & Gorrie LLC                     $216.68
8.   Archer Western Contractors Ltd.      $202.34
9.   T.A. Loving Co.                             $198.00
10. The Whiting-Turner Contracting Co.  $170.15
11. Cox & Schepp Construction Inc.       $163.00
12. Bovis Lend Lease                           $157.55
13. Edifice Inc.                                   $141.56
14. Robins & Morton                            $136.96
15. Haskell                                         $135.07
16. Skanska USA Inc.                           $132.56
17. Batson-Cook Co.                            $132.38
18. Crowder Construction Co.                $124.96
19. Choate Construction Co.                  $124.29
20. The Hubbard Group                         $124.07
21. Samet Corp.                                  $114.70
22. Turner Construction Co.                   $112.16
23. John S. Clark Co. LLC                       $108.73
24. Holder Construction Co.                    $100.00
25. Blythe Development Co.                     $97.57

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