Implosion videos are like, well, candy to contractors. They just can't get enough. For whatever reason, they're just simply fascinating to watch. (I've even seen a few implosions in person, including the one that took down the bomb-damaged Alfred P. Murrah building in Oklahoma City. That one was more somber than fascinating.)

In this genre of videos, here's an especially sweet one from the Palm Beach Post: the Valentine's Day implosion of the 30-story 1515 condo in West Palm Beach. In addition to capturing the sudden jolt of the implosion itself, this video uses some sweet slo-mo to also highlight the artistry of the engineering. Again, pretty sweet stuff and one of the very best implosion videos I've ever seen. Check it out here.

According to Advanced Explosives Demolition, the Idaho-based implosion firm, 1515 was the third-tallest implosion ever performed in the United States, and the "tallest, narrowest" one, the Palm Beach Post reported. You can read the full story here.

Happy viewing.