ENR Southeast has recently published its annual ranking of the region's Top Contractors. With the latest revenue from many—but not all—of the Southeast's major players, I imagine readers enjoy delving into those numbers, and reading between the lines, so to speak.
In addition to the main list, which ranks firms based on their 2011 regional revenue from projects built in Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas, ENR Southeast has also published an extensive selection of breakout rankings, which you can find here. Online, these breakout rankings are more extensive than the more abbreviated versions we were able to include in the July 2 print edition.
I'd like to highlight a few of those breakout rankings by posting some of them here with some quick analysis and comparison. For now, I'll start here with a closer look at the some data related to general contracting and construction management, and I'll include the breakout ranking of the Southeast's top construction managers. (A future post will highlight general contractors.)
For starters, I'll remind readers that via this year's Top Contractors survey, 90 firms reported a collective $16.3 billion in regional revenue. That compares to last year's ranking, which represented $16.1 billion of work.
Among the numerous breakout rankings were categories for General Contracting, Construction Management-at-Risk, and Construction Management-Fee Only. ENR Southeast's survey revealed a decline in revenue from general contracting, and a gain in construction management income. That's probably a long-term trend, but the survey findings were interesting nonetheless. Some related data:
General Contracting - In ENR Southeast's Top Contractors ranking published in 2011, firms collectively reported $8.2 billion in revenue from projects where they served as the general contractor. In the latest ranking, the general contracting total came in at approximately $6.4 billion, or $1.8 billion lower than the year before.
CM-at-Risk - On the other hand, revenue from projects handled via the construction management-at-risk method increased from last year. For the ranking published in 2011, Southeast firms collectively reported $4.8 billion from CM-at-risk projects. For this year's survey, companies reported approximately $6.4 billion in revenue, a roughly 33% gain over last year.
Construction Management, Fee Only - This number was much smaller in both years. For the 2011 survey, Southeast firms reported $191 million from this delivery method. This year, contractors reported about $84 million.
With that said, here's a list of the top 20 firms in the CM-at-Risk category. Figures represent the firms' Southeast revenue generated from this project delivery method.
Construction Management-at-Risk
  1. KBR $987.3 million
  2. Skanska USA $607.9 million
  3. Holder Construction Co. $589.5 million
  4. Turner Construction Co. $509.1 million
  5. Balfour Beatty US $462 million
  6. Hunt Construction Group $407.4 million
  7. Whiting-Turner Contracting Co. $294.7 million
  8. Rodgers Builders $218.9 million
  9. Coastal Construction Group $206.2 million
  10. Hardin Construction Co. $193.7 million
  11. JE Dunn Construction Co. $162.9 million
  12. Gilbane Building Co. $158.4 million
  13. Samet Corp. $145.4 million
  14. Lend Lease $141.5 million
  15. Brasfield & Gorrie $117.5 million
  16. Walbridge $94.2 million
  17. Charles Perry Partners Inc. $92.8 million
  18. PCL Construction Enterprises $92.7 million
  19. Barnhill Contracting Co. $92.2 million
  20. M.B. Kahn Construction Co. $72.7 million
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