A majority of readers responding to an ENR Southeast one-click poll question on 2012 construction opportunities expects to see only "slight" or no change in the pace of new business in the coming year.

On Dec. 1, ENR Southeast posed the following question to its readers: "Compared to 2011, what is your firm's prediction for new construction/design contract opportunities in the Southeast region for 2012?"

The largest group of respondents, 46%, expect to see "flat" market conditions in the coming year, for the same approximate activity level as 2011.

Approximately 40% expect to be see a "slight" difference in 2012, compared to 2011. Roughly 28% of respondents forecast a "slight increase" in the pace of new work, while 12% predict a "slight decline."

Only 14% expect big changes ahead. Roughly 8% of poll respondents anticipate a "significant increase" in the pace of new work, while about 6% see a "significant decline" for 2012.

Overall, approximately twice as many respondents forecast some type of increase than projected a decline in new work opportunities, 36% to 18%, respectively.

What do you think? Do these results seem about right to you? What do you expect for 2012? Share your thoughts below!

Also - Happy Holidays and best of luck in 2012!