In a recent post, I asked whether the Southeast's construction industry was beginning to show signs of increased momentum. I pointed to some positive reports on new contracts from McGraw-Hill Construction regarding September activity in each of the four states.

The October reports, out recently, showed some significantly positive activity for Florida and, especially Georgia, while North and South Carolina retrenched a bit. Even so, now three of the four states in ENR Southeast's coverage area are currently in positive territory for new contracts on a year-to-date basis.

Through October, North Carolina's overall pace of new construction contracts is 6% ahead of 2010. South Carolina is 3% ahead of its year-ago pace. And now, with a huge surge of new contracts reported for October, Georgia is a significant 14% ahead of last year, according to McGraw-Hill Construction. (Despite the latest gains, Florida remains 14% behind 2010's pace.)

So, readers, what does this mean - if anything - for 2012? Will the coming year bring significant new opportunities for Southeast firms? Will it prove to be more of the same?

To gauge your opinion, we've created a simple, one-click poll you can take by clicking here. The question is simple: "Compared to 2011, what is your prediction for new construction/design contract opportunities in the Southeast region for 2012?" There are five possible answers, ranging from "significant increase" to "significant decline." Again, just click here to give us your take on the pulse of the industry.

Additionally, of course, we'd like to hear what you have to say. So please feel free to offer your opinions here. I'd like to encourage you to provide some type of name or identification -- full names are not required -- with your comments. Those comments that have identification will receive priority if we choose to include reader responses in our upcoming print edition of ENR Southeast.

That's it - so let us know what you think!