ENR Southeast will publish its 11th annual Top Contractors ranking next month. As we've done for the past few years, we're posting a pre-publication "sneak preview" of this year's ranking. I'll note that, at the time of this posting, the survey deadline has passed, but the survey still remains technically "open," so the ranking listed here could possibly change by the time it goes to print.

That said, we're pretty sure that the 25 firms listed here is a solid representation of the final ranking.

As with all of our "Top" lists, this year's Top Contractors ranking is based on each firm's regional revenue from the preceding calendar year. The July 4 issue of ENR Southeast will feature the full, 100-deep ranking, along with additional information about each firm, market-sector and geographic breakout rankings, as well as analysis and perspective from some representatives of top-rated firms.

Without further adieu, here's a sneak preview of this year's Top Contractors ranking:

  1. Brasfield & Gorrie                   $1,034,084,041
  2. Balfour Beatty US    $986,339,249
  3. BE&K Building Group    $683,738,881
  4. Archer Western Contractors   $665,471,530
  5. Skanska USA   $602,403,181
  6. Holder Construction Co.   $536,000,000
  7. Clark Construction Group    $410,325,000
  8. Hunt Construction Group    $385,300,000
  9. Choate Construction Co.    $369,430,981
  10. The Lane Construction Corp.   $367,600,000
  11. The Hubbard Group   $363,169,093
  12. Barnhill Contracting Co.     $356,741,825
  13. OHL USA $355,700,000
  14. PCL Construction Enterprises   $349,270,718
  15. Rodgers Builders   $335,260,000
  16. Lend Lease    $327,090,115
  17. Whiting-Turner Contracting   $312,600,781
  18. ValleyCrest Landscape Cos. $285,800,000
  19. Kiewit Corp.   $283,787,000
  20. Manhattan Construction Group   $283,760,000
  21. Robins & Morton   $266,000,549
  22. Wharton-Smith    $248,889,000
  23. Odebrecht Construction   $248,417,382
  24. Walbridge    $246,813,803
  25. Suffolk Construction Co.    $215,953,019

Again, more to come in the upcoming July 4 issue.

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