ENR California is pleased to announce that Glenn Ballard received the 2020 ENR California & Northwest Legacy Award.

Each year, ENR editors vote for recipients for regional Legacy Awards which honor professionals who have contributed a substantial legacy of lifetime service to their colleagues and the A/E/C industry.

Ballard is the director of the Project Productions Systems Laboratory at the University of California, Berkeley, where he is a professor of construction engineering and management. Ballard developed the Lean Project Delivery System, a model for capital facility projects’ lean delivery. His focus is on improving, not controlling, project performance, and adapting lean production theory from manufacturing to construction management practice. 

He is a founding member of International Group of Lean Construction,  a network of researchers dedicated to developing and applying production control concepts and techniques in the construction industry. 

Ballard's work is supported by the Project Production Institute, an association of major owner corporations that addresses the causes of major capital project cost and schedule.

These are just highlights of Ballard’s many contributions to the construction industry. An in-depth profile on Ballard will be published in ENR California & Northwest’s Feb. 1 issue. 

ENR congratulates Dr. Ballard!