ENR California is proud to announce that SME Steel has been named Specialty Contractor of the Year.

SME Steel in Los Angeles is helping provide the bones of some of the state’s most iconic projects and the firm has more than doubled its revenue in the past year. It has been recognized for its safety record for its work on Levi Stadium, where SME began fabrication in June and steel erection in July. The firm also completed the steel package of the San Diego State University Aztec Student Union with a flawless safety record.

SME is also working on San Francisco’s Moscone Center expansion, NVIDIA's new headquarters in Santa Clara and the FivePoint Gateway Campus (OCPC) in Irvine. The firm’s largest regional project completed in 2017 was Google’s restored Spruce Goose hangar in Venice, and the largest California project to break ground is LA Stadium at Hollywood Park. The steel topping out for the stadium was in June 2018.

The company has been active with the Boy Scouts (helping develop the organization’s first welding merit badge), helped fund a baseball park for disabled children and worked with Habitat for Humanity.

Readers will be able to learn more about SME in a profile story that will publish in the December print edition of ENR California.