Work is moving forward on the estimated $92.5 million project Marysville Ring Levee project. On August 26, an $824,764 contract for the next phase of improvements was awarded to Patterson Taber General Engineering, Inc. of Marysville, CA.

Expected to begin later this year, this construction phase is located within the Union Pacific Railroad track diamond at Binney Junction on the north side of Marysville and involves construction of about 500 ft of stability berm. Two previous construction phases strengthened portions of the ring levee on the northeastern side of the city, which is located about 50 miles north of Sacramento.

Begun in August 2010, the goal of the multi-phase project is to reduce flood risk for the approximately 12,000 residents of Marysville through upgrades to the 7.6-mile ring levee surrounding the city. The primary purpose of the project is to strengthen the existing levee by implementing additional measures to reduce the likelihood of through- and under-seepage. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Sacramento District is partnering with the California Central Valley Flood Protection Board and the Marysville Levee District to complete the estimated $92.5 million project.

The state of California has appropriated $17 million toward the project as part of their commitment to upgrade the state’s levee systems. Currently, project completion is slated for 2019. The project is being designed and constructed to meet the state’s requirement of 200 year-level flood risk for urban areas, or a one-in-200 chance of flooding in any given year. Due to the elevation of the levees, the project will surpass that criteria making Marysville one of the lowest at-risk cities in California’s Central Valley after all flood reduction measures are constructed, says the Corps.

A contract was awarded to Raito Inc. of San Leandro, CA, in August 2010 with ground breaking on the $10.8 million first phase in September 2010. Construction was completed in 2012, upgrading the levee’s fragile northeast reach by installing a seepage cutoff wall to depths over 100 ft. Funding for the first phase was provided through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

The next phase of work will bolster the stretch of the ring levee adjacent to Highway 70 and the Catholic cemetery using a stability berm. Necessary rights of entry were secured in September 2015, and the construction contract was awarded to Patterson Taber General Engineering. Funding will be cost-shared by the Corps, CVFPB and the Marysville Levee District.

A design contract was awarded in February 2016 for the reach adjacent to the Bok Kai Temple and PG&E substation. Design work has been completed on levee sections near the Fifth Street Bridge with construction currently scheduled for late 2016 and 2017.

The ring levee project is a partnership between the Sacramento District, the Central Valley Flood Protection Board and the Marysville Levee District.