A preliminary look at this year’s Top Specialty Contractor ranking shows that the state’s subcontractor industry is experiencing from modest growth to non-growth, depending on segment, though revenues for the top five firms dropped only about 5% this year (2011 data) over last year (2010 data).

This lackluster result also shows up by the number of firms that submitted data this year: around 40 compared to 70 last year. As we have experienced in years past, if the data doesn’t do companies justice, then firms will not divulge the data.

We’ll get a broader picture of what’s happening in the specialty contractor industry in California in our Oct. 8 issue, so stay tuned.

Several firms, however, reported major-league upticks thanks to some high-profile project contracts, including Cupertino Electric, San Jose, which gained 81% in revenues this year over last. Southland Industries, Irvine, also scored higher this year, with a 13% revenue increase.

Here’s a look at the firms participating this year, in alphabetical order:

American Technologies, Inc.
Ardent Services, LLC, DBA, Ardent Companies, Inc.
Barnum & Celillo Electric, Inc.
Bergelectric Corp.
BEST Contracting Services, Inc.
Bronco Electric, Inc.
California Drywall Co.
CSI Electrical Contractors, Inc.
Cupertino Electric, Inc.
Daley’s Drywall & Taping, Inc.
Del Monte Electric
EMCOR Group, Inc.
Helix Electric, Inc.
ISEC, Inc.
Jezowski & Markel Contractors Inc.
J.R. Filanc Construction Co. Inc.
KHS&S Contractors
K&S Air Conditioning
Largo Concrete Inc.
Marina Landscape, Inc.
MasTec Inc.
Murray Company
O.C. McDonald Co., Inc.
Redwood City Electric
Rex Moore Electrical Contractors & Engineers
Rosendin Electric
Schuff Steel
SME Steel Contractors, Inc.
Southland Industries
Sunwest Electric, Inc.
Sure Steel, Inc.
Team Industrial Services, Inc.
Tecta America Corp.
Tower Glass, Inc.
Truesdell Corp.
United Mechanical Inc.
Vellutini Corp. dba Royal Electric Co.
Walters & Wolf

WestCor Framing