In case you were just dropping by our website ( yesterday, you may have noticed it has a new, streamlined look. The redesign, which already occurred with our colleagues in New York, Southeast and Texas, among others, maximizes the content’s effectiveness and adds a lot more news, features and graphics.

Here's a quick guide: In the top left corner of the homepage, you’ll see a news photo box with five top stories of the week; underneath this box is another box with News Wire (news from other sources, such as Associated Press and local newspapers) and Joe and my blogs (we hope to get other industry blogs placed here later). In the middle column are Top Stories, which will be updated regularly, and More Headlines, including regional and national news.

The top bar on the homepage includes links to more news, features (from the monthly magazine), projects (such as the Top Starts list), products (from the pages of the monthly), people and firms (also from the monthly), another top lists link, opinions and photos (from our industry photo gallery).

In the bottom left corner is a box for reader photos, videos and slideshows.
In the right column is our most recent digital issue and archive.

Scattered about is McGraw-Hill Construction information, such as Events, Dodge Reports, industry research and market intelligence/analysis.

Many thanks to the MHC’s web production crew, including Ilan Kapla, Michael Potash, Keith Wallace, Swati Scindia and Susannah Shepherd. Great job.

So, Happy Thanksgiving all. Catch you next week.