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J.J. Roohms

J.J. Roohms
President of Transportation for Texas/Mountain Region 

“Sustainability is at the forefront of Austin’s engineering and construction practices,” Roohms says. “The industry has also been adopting digital plan delivery, which leverages shared technology among the entire project team to enhance visualization and eliminate silos.” 

According to the STV executive, “Austin’s commitment to sustainable design practices, integration of advanced tools and focus on urban mobility showcase how the city is keeping pace with overall industry advancements and is actively shaping a forward-thinking built environment for the well-being of its residents.”  

Roohms further contends that the city’s “impressive trajectory in business expansion and population growth is manifesting a couple of interesting trends: a job boom and new partnerships.” 

But the Austin metropolitan area’s major infrastructure improvements “are bringing massive demands for skilled workers,” he says. “To prepare for that growth, workforce development is a top focus for Austin’s engineering and construction sector.”