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Steven Perrigo

Steven Perrigo 
Vice President and Business Manager
Turner Construction Co.

Sports, education, manufacturing and affordable housing are “thriving” in Buffalo, says Perrigo. Many projects have been online for several years, indicating the city’s success in attracting businesses. “This highlights the region’s appeal for investments and addresses pent-up demand,” he says. 

But AEC firms still struggle “to find adequate workforce to complete their projects.” Perrigo says. “Competition for local graduates is intense, and industry is grappling with the difficulty of replacing employees lost through attrition.”  

Unlike those in sports, education and manufacturing, commercial, office and multifamily residential projects have had a slower start partly due to rising interest rates, although Perrigo is optimistic “they may pick up soon.” The health care sector has seen a temporary slowdown as it recovers from pandemic-related expenses, but he expects it will “regain momentum in the near future.”  

“Many projects coming out to bid in the next two to three months will carry through 2024 and likely into 2026,” he says.