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Joshua Garay

Joshua Garay 
Chairman, Real Estate Development
Colosseo Development Group Inc. 

Garay says the best development opportunities in Atlantic City are luxury hospitality, boutique sports betting and chef-driven brand name restaurants, which have “been lacking for many years. Fortunately, investors are pouring money into this beachfront location to create a modern playground.” Owners of less popular older hotels are “reinvesting substantially” in prime real estate “that cannot be duplicated,” he says.

Atlantic City is enjoying a “massive trend” toward oceanfront glass exterior building redevelopments, Garay says, noting that “billions of dollars are being spent on both boutique hotels and resort properties.” The firm is developing the Atlantic Club, also known as the original Golden Nugget, as part of this trend. “Our redesign includes a stunning, curtain glass facade with uninterrupted views of the Atlantic,” he says. 

Garay says Stockton University facilities that opened nearby in 2018 “created a trendy and artistic presence in the town. Students want innovative new places and will drive demand for real estate developers in the area.”