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Michael Kostow

Michael Kostow 
Founding Principal
Kostow Greenwood Architects

Demand for streaming content set broadcast and entertainment industries “on fire,” Kostow says, causing “a noticeable uptick in the need for new soundstages and production facilities for film and television and improvements of existing spaces.”

Meanwhile, there is a decreasing demand for office spaces and office expansions. “Instead, many clients are rethinking their workplace needs and restructuring their physical footprint,” he says. “Most of our recent commercial real estate work is to design and build public and tenant amenity spaces that improve the experiences of their users.”

Projects that were on hold during lockdown are now “coming back to life, and new projects are on the horizon,” Kostow says. 

The executive predicts that the current demand for interior architecture and architecture services is set “to continue into 2023.” He notes that “there is a lot of money on the sidelines that is finding its way into new projects and a demand from businesses that are restructuring their commercial real estate to optimize performance.”