Route 7 and Battlefield Parkway Interchange

Leesburg, Va.

Award of Merit

Submitted By: Wagman Heavy Civil Inc.

Owner: Virginia Dept. of Transportation

Lead Design Firm: Parsons Transportation Group Inc.

General Contractor: Wagman Heavy Civil Inc.

Civil Engineer: Endesco Inc.

Geotechnical Engineer: Schnabel Engineering LLC

Subcontractors: Jade Creek LLC; Snyder Environmental

The $60-million interchange project was designed to combat traffic congestion, boost safety and enable pedestrians and bicyclists to move more freely along Battlefield Parkway in Leesburg. The project features an unusual design for the bridge at the single point urban interchange (SPUI) through its use of an alternate technical concept. Instead of a steel girder superstructure typically deployed for an SPUI, a parallel, prestressed concrete framing system was used that increases total bridge area. It also reduced both construction cost and schedule while boosting durability, resulting in Virginia’s widest bridge without a longitudinal expansion joint.

The project provides a model for future ultra-wide, joint-free and low-maintenance decks in Virginia, with the potential for major changes to deck design, construction and detailing in the state.

The contracting team also faced and worked through a number of challenges on the project. Utility work posed some of the most serious challenges. Electric, gas, water, sewer and numerous telecommunications lines had to be moved to make way for new auxiliary lanes for the on/off ramps to the Battlefield Interchange. Geotechnical conditions posed another challenge, leading to the bridge abutment pilings being drilled/encased, not driven. Issues with procuring materials and difficulty in accessing work areas led to delays, which the team was able to compensate for by accelerating other parts of the project.