Seeling Channel, Phase 3

San Antonio

Award of Merit

Owner City of San Antonio

Lead Design Firm/Civil/Structural Unintech Consulting Engineer Inc.

GC Sundt Construction Inc.

Soil Nail Subcontractor Oscar Orduno

Part of a multiphased floodplain improvement, the project included the reconstruction and widening of the Seeling Channel along with residential improvements to curbs, sidewalks and driveway approaches. The design aimed to avert future potential for repeat catastrophic flooding, as has been seen in the past. Improvements to the existing channel included more than 50,000 cu yd of excavation, placement of cast-in-place concrete retaining walls and rebuilding a bridge over the channel.

The contract and initial schedule accounted for 30 annual weather days, but the project experienced more than 70 weather events in the first 12 months—each creating between 1 in. and 12 in. of water in the channel during construction. The team was able to plan and implement water diversion methods, which helped deliver the $15.4-million project ahead of schedule in April 2022.