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Ron Brown

Ron Brown 
President & CEO
Brown Construction Inc.

The outlook for the Sacramento construction market is “strong,” according to Brown.

The dire need for housing has lifted the sector as a whole, he says. The result has been a boom in the number of mixed-use, academic and commercial developments.

 “The construction business is strong now and, I project [it will continue] into the near future here,” Brown says. “It’s very possible we could see a bit of a slowdown if the cost to build starts to outpace rents.” 

Firms must still grapple with the challenges facing the wider industry such as staffing shortages, materials availability and costs as well as inflation, but Brown observes that “contractors and developers are still finding ways to make projects work.”

To handle the challenges of cost control and to meet staffing and material needs, contractors are increasingly thinking outside of the box.
“We’ve integrated new processes into our budgeting and buyout approach with our subcontractors and suppliers to try to figure out ways to manage these costs for our clients,” Brown says.