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Matthew Harrell

Matthew Harrell

Maryland Business Lead – Transportation Assistant Vice President


WSP’s transportation business line exceeded the firm’s net revenue goal for Maryland of $24 million by almost 15% despite the pandemic, Harrell says. He adds that “2022 is off to another strong start in Maryland, and through April we are on track to increase our net revenue by another 20% ... and we’re still waiting to see the [Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act] money hit the streets, so I think that [revenue] could continue to grow.”

Maryland expects approximately $4.7 billion in federal funds dedicated to highways, bridge replacements and repairs in the next five years, with another $1.8 billion allotted for public transportation. “This influx of funding alone will keep the Baltimore market strong for years to come,” Harrell says.

On the other hand, he says WSP’s property and buildings business “is off to a little bit of a slower start.” He says that could be related to supply chain issues or construction not moving as fast and at higher costs. He says that makes it harder for owners to “dedicate the necessary funding to the next design project.”