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Mike Aparicio

Mike Aparicio 
Executive Vice President

San Diego is well placed to take advantage of the federal transportation funding due to a mature infrastructure delivery environment and a host of agencies known to work well together, Aparicio says. 

“The San Diego customer base is very mature, very seasoned, and they use an array of project delivery methods,” he says.

The area has been aggressive in working with innovative delivery systems such as early contractor involvement and progressive design build that are beginning to spread into wider use throughout the West Coast, which is an advantage when competing with other regions.

San Diego’s challenge will be funding, Aparicio says.  “[The city] has  done so much transportation building they just exhausted their funding stream,” he says. “Now they need the proposed sales tax initiative to pass in November.” 

San Diego is awaiting the outcome of its first countywide transportation ballot measure in almost 20 years. Those funds are not only sorely needed to meet the region’s transportation needs, they will also be critical to leverage funds expected to become available with the  Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.