Garney Construction crew members install a 54-in. steel waterline on the Northwest Water and Wastewater Master Plan Package 1 project in Phoenix.

“Garney had a team in Arizona traveling around to different jobsites that we’re working on in the area,” Fritts says. “This site in particular was in the process of installing a large-diameter waterline, so we took the opportunity to capture that moment.”

Using a Canon EOS R5 and a 24-105mm lens, Fritts took this shot in November 2021.

“I was hoping to capture the large scale of the pipe, the precision needed to execute the job, the capacity of our Garney team and the great scenery of the surrounding Arizona landscape,” he says.

Garney is the construction manager at-risk as well as the self-performing contractor on this project for the city of Phoenix. The project is scheduled for completion this spring.