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Dennis Yung

Dennis Yung 
Executive Vice President and General Manager, Houston and North Texas 
Skanska USA

“Houston continues to see incredible growth, both in the heart of the city and surrounding areas, which I predict will continue to increase as the pandemic eases,” Yung says. He cites Industrial Paint and Protection Magazine’s list of top cities for construction workers, which ranked Houston as the nation’s second best in 2021.

“We are optimistic for continued building opportunities and infrastructure improvements to support Houston’s economy and are investing in the workforce needed to make it happen,” Yung says. He points out that there has been “increased focus on developing and deploying new technologies to help reduce emissions and build sustainably, such as rainwater collection systems, high-performance facades that significantly reduce solar heat gain and energy recovery wheels to precondition fresh air intake.”

Yung says another tool helping move sustainable advancements forward is the embodied carbon in construction calculator, or EC3, which allows the construction industry to calculate, evaluate and reduce carbon emissions.

“All of these new initiatives are good for the environment and for those who choose to call Houston home,” he says.