Moxy Hotel
Award of Merit

Owner: Norwich Partners Management
Lead Design Firm: Group One Partners
General Contractor: Lee Kennedy Co.
Architect: Stantec
Civil Engineer: Nitsch Engineering
MEP Engineer: RG Vanderweil Engineers
Structural Engineer: McNamara/Salvia
Owner’s Project Manager: Trademark Partners
Subcontractors: S&F Concrete; Ipswich Bay Glass (Facade and Curtain Wall); Manganaro Northeast (Framing and Drywall); McDonald Electrical; Gaston Electrical (Tel-Data)

Located in Boston’s Theater District, the 24-story boutique hotel has more than 300 micro rooms. A theater-themed interior incorporates overhead catwalks and other elements reminiscent of a backstage in the bar, the check-in area, meeting rooms and the rooftop lounge. The lobby’s centerpiece is a social media-enabled photo booth formed from a former utility service truck. Facade elements include a unitized glass curtain wall and colorful metal panels as well as a custom-made precast “swoop” framing the entranceway. 

Occupying a relatively compact 4,000-sq-ft lot, the slender cast-in-place frame is supported by 25 drilled concrete shafts extending deep into bedrock. A low-vibration foundation installation method was selected to protect nearby hospitals and underground passenger rail infrastructure. Extensive use of 3D laser scanning in the preconstruction phase helped logistics and traffic flow, including hoist and tower crane locations. Laser scanning was also used during construction to determine concrete frame plumbness and to verify that floor slabs met exacting specifications. Attention to level of finish and detailing began in the shop drawing process and was monitored throughout the 35-month project, with construction management technology used to catalog, distribute and address issues as they arose. The team also collaboratively worked through the development and sourcing of the specialty interior components, including imported open vanities for the bathroom.

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