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Mike WaldingerMike Waldinger
Honorary AIA & CEO
AIA Colorado

Colorado could face as much as a $3.3-billion budget shortfall this fiscal year, according to recent estimates from the General Assembly’s Joint Budget Committee, and the resulting cuts to state and local budgets will impact local designers.

“It goes without saying that the unwelcome visit of COVID-19 has had an outsized effect on all facets of society and every business type. Architecture is no exception,” Waldinger says. “We have seen that architecture firms have been remarkably adaptive, transitioning to the virtual space while maintaining or exceeding productivity levels. Cash management is focused on keeping talent. Federal programs certainly help, but nothing beats new projects. There’s reason for hope. The underpinnings of the long growth period are still in place. More people are coming to Colorado every day, creating a strong business and workforce climate for employers. Our beautiful natural environments are worth protecting and enjoying. And now we’re faced with very real and pressing reminders of our need to adapt the built environment to new challenges. That’s where architects shine.”