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Will WatsonWill Watson
Vice President - Alabama Division
Hoar Construction

Like other areas in the Southeast, the Birmingham construction market “has been active and strong for several years,” says Watson. Notable projects include the 42,000-seat Protective Stadium and the renovation of Legacy Arena. That activity has largely continued throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. “Workers on the project site are still mobilized and working to meet our schedules while following additional protocols,” he says. At the same time, delays in materials delivery have become a common issue for area contractors.

Firm in Focus

Hoar Construction
Two Metroplex Drive, Ste. 400, Birmingham, Ala.
President: Turner Burton
Employees: 672
Founded: 1940
What’s New: The contractor, celebrating its 80th anniversary this year, just started work on a new mental health clinic at the Birmingham Veterans Administration Medical Center.