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Tom R. NovakTom R. Novak
Klinger Constructors LLC

As a result of the state of New Mexico’s increased budget toward tourism over the last five years, construction work has been active in the hospitality side of the market, Novak says.

“Last year, we finished renovations at two hotels, a restaurant and completed Phase 1 for New Mexico School of the Arts. We currently are working on Phase 2 for New Mexico School of the Arts and on La Secoya, a new senior living project,” he says.

Klinger Constructors has been in the Santa Fe market since the late 1980s, with most of the firm’s work related to hospitality, cultural industries and historic renovations. “Santa Fe is famous for its museums, art galleries and as a tourism destination for Native American and Spanish history,” Novak says.

He notes that COVID-19 will eventually have an impact on tourism and associated construction work if people refrain from travel heading into the summer months. “Santa Fe may fare better than some tourism areas [because] its tourism is based on family travel to see the historic and natural sites in New Mexico and not dependent on standing in long lines or attending events in large arenas,” he says.