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Douglas J. TappDouglas J. Tapp
Executive Director
AGC of Oklahoma Building Chapter

Oklahoma City’s construction market continues to be strong, Tapp says. “One of the driving factors of that strength has been the Metropolitan Area Projects (MAPS) initiative that was passed by voters in December 1993,” he says. “The initial MAPS projects were funded by a 1-cent sales tax that collected over $309 million.” 

Projects like the Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark, Bricktown Canal, Chesapeake Energy Arena and others were completed with the initial MAPS funding, Tapp says.

“Currently, the Oklahoma City construction market is benefiting from MAPS 3, a $777-million campaign to construct a new convention center, downtown park, streetcar system and other exciting Oklahoma City building initiatives,” he says.

MAPS 4 is scheduled for a vote in spring 2020, which will continue the growth of city.

“The MAPS program has been a boost to the construction market for over 20 years and has been the leader in positive change for Oklahoma City,” Tapp says.