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Roy MontalbanoRoy Montalbano
Partner of Business Development, PBK

Major projects that were either recently completed or are now underway in north Dallas are key to the area’s expansion, Montalbano says. “The Frisco, Plano and McKinney regional area has seen a tremendous influx of new corporations relocating to Texas, which has resulted in the growth that is supporting building types such as retail, housing and education,” he says. “Hillwood Development is close to completing the Frisco Station project, and the recent announcement of the PGA’s relocation to Frisco continues to expand the region’s commercial and sports-related amenities.”

Construction of big-box industrial buildings 500,000 sq ft and larger continues to be a driver in the Dallas area, Montalbano adds.

“Some local economic advisers have stated that they continue to look for reasons to signal the start of a downturn in the Dallas real estate and construction market, but they can’t find any,” he says. “While it is important to North Texas’ growth that the city of Dallas does well, it is not as much of a driver in region’s success as it was 10 to 12 years ago because of the substantial regional growth.”