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Bill RoachellBill Roachell
President, ABC Arkansas

Little Rock’s construction industry is not as robust as that of northwest Arkansas, Roachell says. Local projects include new schools, medical facilities and highways. U.S. Route 70 to Hot Springs and the new on ramp for I-430 North were just completed, and construction on the $631.7-million I-30 Crossing through downtown Little Rock should begin in late 2019, according to the Arkansas Dept. of Transportation.

Meanwhile, the construction team for the $101-million Southwest High School project includes three Arkansas-based builders: Nabholz Construction, Doyne Construction and Car-Son Construction.

Roachell expects tariffs, which have brought higher steel and material prices, will impact business even more next year. As the state legislative season begins Jan. 14, the chapter is working with the governor and other trade groups to write a highway funding bill for bridge and road maintenance. “This is a major emphasis for 2019 in our industry,” he says.

ABC Arkansas recently moved into its new 12,770-sq-ft office and training center and “will continue to focus on delivering a well-trained, highly skilled workforce for our members,” he says.