Carbon Canal Co. Carbon Canal Diversion EWP
Price, Utah
Best Project

Owner: Carbon Canal Co.
Lead Design Firm: Jones & DeMille Engineering
General Contractor: Staker Parson Cos. DBA Nielson Construction & Materials
Key Subcontractors: Wall Contractors

A project that repaired a 110-year-old canal to reduce the threat of flooding from the Price River required a $2.4-million investment by the Carbon Canal Co. to divert water from the deteriorating canal.

The old structure sat on the Price River, requiring the bulk of the project to be built during low-water season—the winter. Crews kept fill and base materials heated throughout the coldest months of the project. More than 500 cu yd of structural concrete and 1,000 cu yd of grout were placed in the riprap during the winter. The materials had to be covered to avoid freezing.

The new diversion is located within the boundaries of Carbon Country Club Golf Course, so it had to be aesthetically pleasing to neighbors and golfers while protecting the channel and adjacent areas from erosion. The team placed more than 2,600 3-ft to 6-ft-dia boulders in a careful balancing act to minimize voids and enhance the overall appearance of the structure.

Delivered through a design-assist approach, the resulting canal diversion is a natural, pleasing fit within the golf course and vastly improves the safety of people living and working in the floodplain of the Price River.

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